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Friday, 4 May 2018

Best Stock Advisory | Right Time to Invest In Silver, can get 18% returns

Right Time to Invest In Silver, can get 18% returns

Silver has been weakening for the past year due to gold and other assets. At present, Gold Silver ratio is high, which means that silver prices are cheap. However, Experts believe that there is a good chance to invest in silver. Experts say that the Consumption Story is better, which is expected to increase demand. Global Sentiment is also in the Fusion of Bullion. At the same time, the Historical Chart of Gold Silver Ratio indicates that this will be lower in the coming days. In such a situation, silver prices will rise more than gold. Experts say that silver can get up to 18% in the next one year. 

In the last one year, silver has declined in the
past year, silver prices have declined by more than 3 per cent. Silver remains at Rs 39,200 per kg. At the same time, bullion market has also fallen more than Rs.1000 in silver in the last one week. 
Understand gold and silver ratios, why silver will be more benefited.
Kedia Commodity Director Ajay Kedia says that gold-silver ratios are still on high. Which means that silver prices are less than gold. But if you look at the chart of the last 40 years, 3 times the gold-silver ratio has gone up to 80, while 2 times have come down to 40. On the other hand, if you look at the average of the last 20 years, it is 61 on an average. Once every 2 to 3 years, it certainly comes around 61. Looking at the chart, it is clear that gold-silver ratios will decrease.
On February 16, 2016, this ratio came to 81, which came back to 67 levels in 1.5 years. At the same time, it came back to 81 level 2 months back, which has reached level of 79 at the present time. In the next one year gold-silver ratio can return to level 71. I.e. the price of silver will increase. In the next one year, it can give returns of 15 to 18 percent. 

Demand does not come down
Kedia says that in the past, the US Fed has adopted an aggressive policy on interest rates. It was also revealed that the rates will be increased 4 times this year. At the same time, the commodity market has also been faster than some trading sessions. Many major global markets have also been growing. Even after this, there is no negative impact on bullion. Which means the demand story is strong. They say silver is industrial metal. Demand remains in solar panels, electronics and electrical industries. It is expected to be further faster. Thus silver prices will be supported. 

Experts believe in the support of this factor bullion   that there are many factors which are in the feather of bullion. They will get the benefit of gold and silver. But here the gold-silver ratio is clear that silver prices will increase faster than gold. These are the factors .....
crude oil prices are increasing in the international market. Brent crude prices have reached $ 74 a barrel. Increasing inflation in other commodities in fast food crude. Increasing inflation increases investment in bullion. 
Concerns about # Geopolitical tension is not over. If it gets further faster then investment in asset class like gold and silver increases. 
#Kedia says that there is a fear of further inflation. European commerce bank is constantly putting money in the market. This has created fear of inflation. At the same time, there is an inflation consensus in the United States. This situation is going to support gold and silver prices. 
# There is no pressure on the equities markets around the world. There is also an atmosphere of political uncertainty in India. In such a situation, the boolean may get the benefit of pressure on the market. 
# Real estate is losing its status as investment. Props have declined due to higher supply in Affordable Housing. This has reduced the number of people who invest in real estate. Gold can get the benefit of this.

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