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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The gas-based plant and his trouble for the power sector | Live Commodity Tips

Gas based plants with a capacity of about 24 thousand MW capacity are becoming difficult for the power sector. These power plants are only producing 22 per cent. Due to lack of gas, these power plants are unable to generate generation according to their capacities. The National Electricity Plan released by Central Electricity Authority states that these plants need 117.45 mmscmd of gas, while only 29.59 mmscmd is available only. Interestingly, the capacity of gas-powered power plants is increasing every year, while generation is decreasing. 

Live Commodity Tips
Live Commodity Tips

What is current situation 

According to the report of the CEA, an average of 117.45 mmscmd (day-on-day metric standard cubic meter) gas for gas-powered power plants is needed. Out of which 87.05 mmscmd domestic gas was allocated in 2016-17, out of which only 29.59 MMSCMD was supplied. The report says that the average average of 59.31 mmscmd gas was supplied in 2010-11. But since then, the supply of gas is continuously decreasing, while demand increases due to the increase in generation capacity. 

How demand is increasing 

Year: Gas (in MMSCMD) 
2009-10: 78.09 
2010-11: 81.42 
2011-12: 81.78 
2012-13: 90.70 
2013-14: 97.90 
2014-15: 104 
2015-16: 113.63 
2016-17: 117.45 

Conditions were correct till 2009-10 

According to the CEA, the power sector had focused on gas-based power plants to reduce the pollution caused by coal and the situation was fine till 2009-10. Gas based power plant PLF (Plant Load Factor) was 67% in 2009-10, compared to 55% in the previous year 2008-09, but after that, the PLF continued to decline and reached 20.93% in 2014-15. With the efforts of the Modi government, things improved slightly in the next year and the PLF had reached 23.4 per cent but again the PLF fell to 22.8. It is worth mentioning here that PLF is meant for generating against capacities. That is, the power plants are generating 22.8% against generation. 

Why is gas-based power plant needed 

The Central Electricity Authority says that the number of gas-based power plants is being increased around the world. The gas-based power share in the world is 22%, whereas in India only 8%. There are advantages of applying gas-based power plants. like - 
- Less water and water are required to install a gas-based plant in comparison to the coal-fired power plant. 
- Gas based power generation creates less carbon emissions and is environmentally beneficial. 
- The cost of fuel in the gas-powered power plant is lower than the other plants. 

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