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Friday, 13 April 2018

Infosys results today: Prices, Guidance stay positive on profits

Infosys results today: Prices, Guidance stay positive on profits

The results of the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018 of Infosys, the country's second largest software company, are coming today. Experts estimate that the results of Infosys can stay normal. There is a 1- 2% increase in dollar earnings. Experts assume that the company's guidance can remain positive.

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Guessing good estimate

Amit Harachkar, Director, Index Genius Investment Advisors said that this is the first quarter results of Infosys CEO and MD Salil Parekh. Growth will show in the company. In the US and Europe where the company's main business is, the market is better. The company will get the advantage of strengthening the dollar. For this reason, the guidance of the company can be good. He believes that the financial guidance of Infosys in 2019 could be 5.5-8 per cent.

Margins can stay flat and margin on pressure

According to Independent Market Expert Ambareesh Baliga, quarter-quarter quarter of this quarter, the margins of the company can remain a pressure of 1.5 per cent. In the third quarter, the company's profits rose 33 percent to Rs 5,129 crore. In the second quarter, the company's profit was Rs 3726 crores. In the third quarter, the company's income grew by 1.3% to Rs 17,794 crore.

 Dollar earnings may increase

Sandeep Jain, director of trade broking broking, believes that Infosys's earnings in the fourth quarter could be seen to increase by 1 to 2 percent. In the third quarter of fiscal year 2018, the revenue of Infosys was $ 276 million. In the second quarter of 2018, the income in Infosys' dollar was Rs 272.8 crores. In the first quarter, Infosys's dollar revenue was $ 265.1 million.

 IT company's Outlook better

Baliga says that the company outlook is better in terms of IT sector. At the same time, Jain said that the US economy is doing fine, tension of trade war is decreasing and the firm can get the benefit of the firm firmly in the dollar. There is no problem in doing business in America. 

 Investment advice with target of 1345

 Brokerage house Axis Direct has advised investment in Infosys with a target of Rs 1345. According to the broking firm, the company's management is able to grow with the guidance. Increase in demand increased the company's business. This makes the company's outlook better. The current price of the stock is Rs 1162.25. In this case, the share can get 7.55% returns. 

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