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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Regardless of market uncertainty, rural-based stocks will get safer, up to 42%

This year, the BSE Sensex and the Nifty-50, both the major indices have weakened more than 10%. Meanwhile, there is also a decline in the mid-caps and the smallcap index. Negative sentiment dominates the market at both the domestic and global levels at the moment. Experts believe the stock market will be under pressure for a few months. There is no expectation of more rally during this time. He says that the market with uncertainty is better to invest in rural theme stocks. The government also has a special focus on the rural sector. Experts have advised to invest in Siyaram Silk, Blue Star, Parag Milk Food, Colgate Pomoleve and Ambuja Cement. 

Best Stock Advisory
Best Stock Advisory

Fall in the market 

Experts believe that there is pressure in the market due to poor sentiment at the domestic level. At the same time, in the world's 2 major economy, Trade War has spoiled centimeters at the global level. Its effect will not only appear in Expiry Week but also in the next few more trading sessions. According to Jitendra Modi, CEO of Samco Securities, there is little hope of a big rally in the market in terms of mid-term. There is no mantram at the domestic level, there is pressure in markets around the world. Its effect will continue on the market. 


Global Financial Services Major Bank of American Merrill Lynch (BofAML) may also come up to 32 thousand  estimates of the continued decline in the domestic market. According to BofAML, by December this year, the Sensex may break more than 1000 points from the current level to 32 thousand level. 

It is better that 

Amarjit Mourya, Assistant Vice President-Research (Midcap), Angel Broking, says that when there is a volatility in the market, in such a situation, the combination may be the right option for investment based stocks. He says that some of the stocks of such stocks are good at the fall. Earning looks in them. At the same time, the government is giving boost to many sectors by strengthening the rural economy. Demand for the increase in the incremental income will increase. It can get good returns in composition based shares. 

Rural Sector Outlook Better

According to a report by Bank of American Merrill Lynch, the outlook of rural and related sectors in India is better. The government had made big announcements in the budget for the rural sector, whose implementation would start before the 2019 general elections. The government is working on increasing the income of new jobs and farmers' income through rural sector. In such a situation, increasing demand in the rural areas will also increase demand, which will improve corporate earnings. With this, FumCG, cement, food and beverages and auto sector will be of special benefit. 

 Advice on which stocks to invest ...

Siyaram Silk Mills

Siyaram is a junky  textile company and the company's business network is strong. The company has more than 1600 dealers and business partners all over the country. There is a 160 retail retail network and the company is expanding it to a target of 500. Siyaram Silk's brand quality is Better and the number of customers is increasing steadily. The company is also coming in Ladies Salwar kameez and ethnic wear. At present, Amarjeet Maurya has given a target of 867 rupees for the stock. For the current price of Rs 615, the share can get 41% returns. 

Parag Milk Food 

Parag Milk Food India Leading Dairy is involved in companies. The company's product portfolio is strong and has 15 consumer centric product cuttings. The company has a good grip in the market and there is a good demand in both rural and urban areas. Growth potential is more in the industry, hence Organized Players will benefit. Brokerage house JAM Financial has given a target of Rs. 330 for the stock. For the current price of 254 rupees, the share can get 30 per cent returns. 

There is a recovery in the Colgate-Pamolive India Oral Care Market, which will be benefited by the company. The company's tooth brush market is stable. Recently, the new product service Vedasakti has got a better response, which is planning to launch Pan India. This will help the company to increase the market share. Consumer Focus is also planning on bringing new products. HDFC Securities has set a target of Rs 1204 for the stock. For the current price of 1043 rupees, the stock can get 15 percent return. 

Blue Star

Is one of India's largest companies producing blue star air conditioners. The focus of the company is on the cooling product division, due to which the company's hold on the AC market is strong. The company has launched in the new technology product market. Due to which the demand is also strong with the company. Amarjeet Maurya has given the target of Rs 867. For the current price of Rs 762, the share can get 14 per cent returns. 

Ambuja Cement

Is the Leading Cement Production Company of Ambuja Cement Limited India. The company's product reach is strong in the domestic market as well as export. The company has taken measures to cut castings in the past, which will benefit. At the same time, Ambuja Cement will also get the benefit of the company's focus on premium products. The advantage of a scheme like Affordable Housing is also available. At the same time, the demand for rural economy will also increase. Brokerage house Reliance Securities has set a target of Rs 310 for the stock. For the current price of Rs 231, the share can get 34 per cent return.

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