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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Live Commodity Tips | India’s Super Rich Investment Stocks

Live Commodity Tips | India’s Super Rich Investment Stocks

The country's super rich (whose wealth is worth $ 5 million i.e. around 325 crores) is chasing gold. This is not the first choice for the investment of these rich. Apart from this property also disillusioned with the rich. In these two places, the country's Super Rich has reduced its investment.

Live Commodity tips
Live commodity Tips

Where are you putting money

The country's super rich are currently putting their money in the stock market. The situation is that compared to the world's wealthy, India is the biggest investor in the rich stock market by percentage. While the wealth of the world is 60 per cent of the stock's investment, India's Super Rich investment has an average of 95 per cent. 

Where else is the investment

India's Super Rich has also increased its investment in the form of Private Equity. Whereas the world's super rich are putting 45 per cent of their investment money as private equity, then India's Super Rich is using about 66 per cent of its investment capacity in the form of Private Equity. Through this money is levied in listed and unlisted companies. 

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Bonds are also preferred for investment

The investment of the country's super rich has increased in bonds. Compared to the world's richest, India's Super Rich is investing heavily in this market. While the world's rich are investing at an average 30 per cent in this market, Indians have invested up to 35 per cent in bonds. 

Indian super rich option is not crypto currency 

While the world's super rich are investing heavily in crypto currency, India's super rich is not getting it. While the world's super rich investment in crypto currency is up to 21 per cent, India's super rich crypto invests only up to 18 per cent in the currency. 

Broken temptation from property

India's super rich property is badly broken by the property. While the world's super rich are investing up to 56 per cent of the property, India's Super Rich is only investing 13 per cent in the property. For the last several years, the rates of property in India have not increased in the way they were growing earlier. 

Revealed in Knight Frank's report 

According to Bloomberg, Knight Frank has prepared this report after taking responses from 500 private bankers and wealth advisers, including India. The world's super rich list is released every year. 

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