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Thursday, 22 February 2018

The strong metal sector's outlook, these 6 shares can return up to 39% | Best Stock Advisory

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For the past few months, there has been good growth in the metal. In the coming days, there is hope for demand and boost in the coming days. Experts say that the sector's Outlook looks strong at both domestically and globally. In the country where Infrastructure will be benefited by focus on housing, there will be better data coming in the US, Europe and demand for metal from revival plan in China. It expects the prices of metal to rise further. At the moment, investors can focus in mid-term in good stocks. 

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Talking about the lowest loss in the last 30 days, the performance of the metal sector has been better than other sectors. Even the lowest loss in volatility in the market since February 1, has happened to the metal sector. On the Nifty, the metal index has been falling below 1% in the last 30 days. In the auto index, 6.23 per cent, Nifty has 8 per cent, 4.5 per cent in energy index, 4.5 per cent in FMCG, 4 per cent in IT, 6.5 per cent in pharma index and 9.3 per cent in realty index. 

According to Ajay Kedia, Director of Kedia Commodity, the price of the metal is increasing due to the constant increase in the metal prices. The main reason for this is supply resistance. Production has been limited in the past, due to environmental concerns in many countries including China. Due to this, supply was reduced, prices got support. Copper, nickel and aluminum production have more effect on production. He says that in the current period demand is not very much, yet there is a problem of supply. At the same time, in many countries including Uyay Europe and China, demand is expected to grow suddenly. In this case, for the next 3 months, the prices of metal and higher rises are showing. The metal companies will be benefitted 

Sandeep Jain, Research Head, Trade Swift, hopes to get more demand in demand, that metal prices are at the top of the last several years. At the same level, both the domestic and international levels are looking at the sector's outlook. Better data is coming in the US and Europe. At the same time, there is also a revival in China. These are indications that the demand for further metal at the global level will be sharp. 

On the other hand, the Government's focus on the domestic level is on Infra and Housing. Automobile sector numbers are coming up well. If the rural economy is better, the demand for auto will further increase. Demand of the metal from all these sectors will be fast. That is, in the coming days, the composition of Metz will also increase in India, and prices are showing support. Investors can bet on good shares for the next 6 to 12 months. 

According to the support policy received from trade policy, the government imposed anti-dumping duty on steel which is imported from China to support the domestic industry and forward it to it. The sector also got support from this trade policy. Domestic companies got an opportunity to increase their capacities. 

Vedanta and Nalco 

Sandeep Jain have been advised to invest in Vedanta and Nalco. He has set a target of 400 rupees for Vedanta The current price of the stock is 329 rupees. That is, the share can get 22% return.

At the same time, NALCO's stock has a target of Rs. 90, while the current price of the stock is 67 rupees. That is, the share can get 34 percent returns. 

At the same time, Hindustan Zinc, Hindustan Copper and Hindalco , Ajay Kedia has advised investment from Hindustan Zinc, Hindustan Copper and Hindalco for a 3 month perspective. He has set a target of Rs 360 for Hindustan Zinc, while the current price of the stock is Rs 315. That is, the share can get 15% returns.

Kedia has set a target of Rs 90 for Hindustan Copper while the current price of the stock is 74 rupees. That is, the share can get 21 percent returns.

At the same time, the target of 300 rupees for Hindalco has been set. At the same time, the brokerage house Motilal Oswal has set a target of Rs 344 for the stock. While the current price of the stock is 248 rupees. That is, the share can get 39% returns. 

Tata Steel

Brokerage House Prabhudas Liladhar has advised investment in Tata Steel with a target of Rs 835. While the current price of the stock is 650 rupees. That is, the share can get 28% returns. 

(Note-investment advice is given by experts and brokerage houses. Please check any kind of advice at your level or through your experts. There are risks of investing in the market, therefore vigilance is necessary.)

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