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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Stop trading of Indian shares in foreign stock exchanges, fear of going out of money

In the foreign stock exchange, the ban on carteled and derivative related to the Indian stock market has been stopped with immediate effect. The three stock exchanges of the country have banned simultaneously and said that this meant that Indian capital was going in foreign markets. The three exchanges have said in a joint statement that all the derivatives traded on foreign exchanges are being banned from immediate effect.

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These are the three exchanges
These 3 exchanges include the Mumbai Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI). According to the information, SEBI has asked these three exchanges to do this.

Singapore Stock Exchange was going to launch a single stock futures
The Singapore Exchange was soon going to launch single stock futures in all of the NSE's 50 stocks. It is believed that this step has been taken keeping in mind this. It was feared that this could make Indian money out of the country. The three exchanges have said in a joint statement that all the derivatives traded on foreign exchanges are being banned from immediate effect. It has been said that after this notice, the time will come for the license agreement, which will be fixed on the license agreement.

External Exchanges were getting more business 
It has been observed that there was considerable turnover in derivatives on foreign exchanges. Many times their size became larger than the Indian business in Proposinite, which led to Indian capital going out more. The statement issued by these three exchanges said that it was not good for such Indian markets.

Order came after market closure
This decision was implemented after the business ended in the Indian stock exchanges. However this does not mention the SGX. It said that under the licensing agreement, one month's time will be given and the benefit of Grandfathering will be available.

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