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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Why the metal prices rise sharply?

Metal stocks gained momentum due to the rise in the base metal prices in the global market. According to Ajay Kedia of Kedia Commodity, the metal prices have been getting an edge over the past few years. Looking at worries related to environmentalism in many countries including China, the units are being shut down or the production is being limited. With the closure of the units, the possibility of supply disrupted has increased, which helped the prices. Aluminum and nickel have the fastest growth.

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 - Kedia said that in December, January and February, metal prices are often seen very fast. New Year's holiday is going to be held in China in February. All orders have to be closed before going on holiday. Therefore, during this time the purchase increases. From this, metal prices have got support. There has been a spurt in metal stocks.

Accordingly, according to a global agency, in the year 2018, labor contracts are being renewed in many mines. There is a lot of difficulty in contract renewal. Union prices are expected to support metal prices. So you can work with Metal stock.

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