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Friday, 2 February 2018

Share Market Tips | E-pay bill today, traders-transporters-businessmen get alert from today

From today, the e-bill is going to be introduced across the country. Now the trial run of the 15-day e-bill is over. In such a situation, the traders must be prepared for this by keeping away all confusions. It is important to know how many forms are in the e-bill. How to create and cancel it How will the e-bill work?

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Two lakh e-way bills made daily in the trial run

In the trial run of e-way bill, 2 lakh e-bills were made daily in 34 states. According to GSTN officials, the system will make 42 lakh to 45 lakh bills per day daily. So far about 3.5 lakh GST payers have registered for e-way bill website. Apart from this, 4,000 people have registered on the website of e-way bill, who have not registered in GST.

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E-way b has 4 types of forms

E-way bill -1

E-Way is for Bill-1 Goods. That is, dealers, businessmen, exporters, traders who are sending stocks of Rs. 50,000 from one state to another, will have to fill the e-way bill-1. This e-bill is the same for every business dealer, retailer, businessman.

E-way bill-2

E-Way Bill-2 is a consolidated e-way bill. Consolidated E-Way Bill will create a consolidated e-bill on different dealers, product shipments in the same vehicle. These consolidated e-way bills will be filled mostly by the transporters. Transporters can create a consolidated e-bill for different dealers.

E-way bill-3

E-Way is a 3-Verification form which GST officials will fill. In this form, taking the product will be the name and number of vehicle information such as vehicle number, transporter and dealer. This form dealer, transporter and GST official can check any.

E-way bill-4

E-Way Bill-4 is a detention form. That is, if a GST official has verified 50 trucks and if the officer in the 4 seems to have some stronghold, then he will seize those vehicles and the product. The person who confiscates a truck or product, the information will be filled in e-way bill-4.

E-tech bill started on January 16

Starting January 16, trial run of e-bill will start. E-Way Bill has created a separate website from GSTN Portal. All traders and traders across the country will be able to generate e-bill on this website.

E-bill will be created on SMS

Businesses and transponders will not have to go to any tax office or check post. E-way bills will be electronically removed from the business. Business Offline will also be able to make e-way bin through SMS Those business people who do not have internet facility and they are not required to generate more e-bills in one day, they can generate e-bill from SMS service. For this, businessmen have to register their mobile number. By the same name, the e-bill can be generated through the SSS giving the request details of the bill.

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