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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

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Increasingly in the stock market, the business of spoiled banks is raising more money than mutual funds.

The record height of the stock market has reversed the ways of corporates to raise money. Corporates are now focusing on capital raising from other open market sources instead of the bank. This has been revealed in a report of RBI. According to the report, the mutual fund corporation's first choice is at this time. Through which he is collecting enough money.

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Metal stocks rising to 7-year high, expect 30% growth further
Like the previous year, the metal stocks continue to perform well in the new year. Metal stocks are constantly outperforming in the year 2018 due to the rise in commodity prices, especially the global base metal prices. The Nifty Metal Index has reached record highs of 7 years. In the last one year, the metal index has received 52.33 percent returns so far. Experts say that in the coming days, the sector will get the benefit of increasing metal prices, which is expected to continue further in the metal stocks. 

Flipkart's Makar Sankranti Cell, after getting Snapdeal, gets up to 60% discount

In the New Year and festival seasons, e-commerce companies are offering some or every other day. After this, Flipkart has also started Makar Sankranti Cell after Snapdeal. Flipkart has named this cell named Sankranti Special Store. Besides, cashback is also offered along with offers. In such a situation, if you pay the Axis Bank's billed credit card after purchasing goods, you will get an instant discount of 5%. In such a case, if you can not buy items of your choice in the New Year cell, then you have the opportunity to buy 60% discount. 

Sensex closes at 34353 points on the Nifty for the first time, on the all-time high

The Indian stock market closed on Monday on positive global signals. The Sensex jumped 199 points to 34,353, and the Nifty climbed 65 points to close at 10,624. On Monday, Nifty crossed the figure of 10,600 for the first time in business turnover. The Sensex also made new high at the same time. During the trading, the Sensex touched a level of 34,385.67 points, while the Nifty went up to 10,631.20. Earlier, on January 5, 2018, the Sensex was 34,175 and the Nifty went up to 10,566.10 points.

Record of equity mutual fund invested 1.3 lakh crores, impact of falling interest rates

In the calendar year 2017, investors have invested 1.3 lakh crores in equity mutual funds. According to experts, it was also not due to declining interest rates and good performance of gold and real estate. In the year 2017, the size of the equity mutual fund was Rs 7.7 lakh crore, compared to Rs 4.7 lakh crore a year ago. This information has come out in the figures of Association of Mutual Fund in India (Amphi).


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